November 27, 2007


It's been a very weird day today. It started with me dropping my underwear in the toilet this morning and just kinda spiraled from there.

After getting back from class I was calling around, looking for anyone who is hiring for the holidays cause I am poor and need a job. Around 10:55/11:00 the fire alarm went off. I went outside and laughingly watched as sleepy college boys emerged from their apartments and joined me outside.

It wasn't an emergency, from the smell of things it was a toast-based mishap from one of the lower apartments.

But what bothered me is that it took 25 minutes for ANYONE to show up. And that was after one guy went back inside to call the common building and I dialed 911. Finally two maintenance trucks and a cop showed up.

Interesting, huh? For a FIRE ALARM the people who show up are maintenance men and a cop. After 25 minutes. Good thing there wasn't really a fire, right?

Well this really bugged me. I mean, if there had been a fire the place could have been completely in flames by then. So I called the school newspaper.

The story is set to run Thursday.


Chris said...

Go, you!! I bet you're glad it's warmer there than here - I think it hit +15 (not including the definite windchill).

Diane said...

Any day that starting with underwear in the toilet can't be good. 25 minutes to respond to a fire alarm is beyond belief.

omly said...

Good for you! That is completely crazy and more than a little terrifying.

mrspao said...

That's just irresponsible. Glad you are ok.

Traceyleezle said...

Oooh! Damn the man! You go girl. So...did you wear the toilet water panties anyway? ;)