December 29, 2007

2nd Semester

To graduate on time I'll have to take an extra class for the remaining 3 semesters. It's cheaper than taking a summer semester because of lab fees and all that good stuff.

Anyways, my classes for next semester are:

British Literature - The Beginnings to 1789
Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism
Popular Lit - The Gothic Tradition
The Victorian Novel
Lord of the Rings and the Medieval Heroic Myth
Music and Literature

The Victorian Novel class has 7 books. The Gothic lit class has, I believe, 6. Lit theory has 4 or 5. Lord of the Rings, obviously, has 3 books and many many poems.

I'm heading back to school on Monday so that I can get a head start on all of the reading. For the first week of school I need to read Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, King Lear and 3 critical essays.

So in order to keep track of all my reading and classes and stuff I invested some of my meager savings in this:

It's the Palm Z22 - specifically advertised as a great palm pilot for college students, it's got the basics that I need. Calendar, contacts and a place to make to-do lists. Doesn't hold music, doesn't connect to the internet, doesn't have a lot of extra crap I'll never use, and there's only one game that might distract me during boring classes.


DPUTiger said...

I was a dyed-in-the-wool Franklin Planner Girl. Then I tried a Palm and will never go back.

Just keep everything backed up. Seriously. Very important. You'll love it!

Good luck with all that reading. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt! ;-) That LOTR class sounds really neat, though.

Chris said...

Yowza. I hope you're reading RIGHT NOW. Damn.

I've had Palms for years and love them. But what dputiger said is critical! It's worth it to by an SD card (you don't need a special "backup card" - just a regular SD card) and invest in Resco Backup and run a backup after major changes when you aren't able to synch. Trust me on this one!

Batty said...

Stop blogging, start reading! : )

Actually, I took a Literatures of Fantasy class when I was in college (part of the freshman lit requirement), and I loved it. They also offered Women Mystery Writers. I think my best work was a Marxist interpretation of Agatha Christie. That's what happens when you're taking a class on the literary theory of the Frankfurt School at the same time.

Anyhow, I hope you have a Happy and successful New Year! And the Palm is a good idea, it'll help you keep all your work organized.

mrspao said...

Those sound like great courses. You are certainly going to be extremely busy!