January 04, 2008

One Down

Just finished up with reading Jane Eyre. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed that book the first time I read it. It's like a soap opera, it really is. All the usual twists and turns, the only thing it was lacking was an evil twin. It took me 3 days to finish up, which isn't bad all things considered.

I'm taking the rest of today for myself. The winds are so harsh here, so I want to finish knitting a scarf I started on Christmas. Tomorrow I'll start reading Mill on the Floss. Monday will begin Frankenstein and King Lear. Wednesday I have a training session at work (thank GOD it's starting up again. I need income.) and the following Monday classes begin.

People keep asking me if I'm having a good break. HA! What break?


Chris said...

Wow, look at your page count for 205 already!! Go go go!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the Brontes. I got to visit Haworth Parsonage once, such a wonderful place to visit. Did you see Jane Eyre on PBS earlier this year? It's out on DVD now.

Batty said...

You can do it! The year has barely started and you've already finished one!

Lynn said...

Gotta love the Goths! They know drama, that's for sure. :)

Glad you enjoyed your read, that bodes well for the semester!

mrspao said...

I love Jane Eyre! Unfortunately I have a 6000 word essay due on the 14th and haven't been able to make much progress on it so I won't be reading it just yet!