December 04, 2007


Scene: The dorm. Kelly is sitting on the couch, watching an episode of X-Files and happily knitting away on the black knight, who is rapidly nearing completion.

Enter Ly.

Ly: "Hey, knitting? Oh wow, you've gotten a lot done. I'm impressed."

Me: "Thanks! I really like how it's turning out."

Ly: "Then again, I've always been easily impressed, so I wouldn't read too much into it."

Me: "... You can't stop yourself, can you?"

Later on...

Ly: "So have we heard anything about that other girl moving in?"

Me: "Nope. But I'm sure we'll get someone over break."

Ly: "Me too. I just hope it's not someone crazy."

Me: *laughs* "Yeah, me too."

Ly: "Crazier than you, I should say. Cause you're a psycho."

Me: "Seriously... you can't stop yourself, can you?"

For those of you who might be thinking "Oh, she's just joking around and has bad people skills." no. She baits and then attacks. Sets you up with a compliment and then turns it into an insult.

But what really gets me... what REALLY REALLY gets me... is that she's making a big deal about Kari being here, reminding me to make sure none of her stuff gets broken, like Kari is some whirling dervish or she has no control over herself. Makes me want to slap her right across the face.

Or earlier, when discussing the girl moving in, she spouts off with "Well it's better we know who it is. I mean... we wouldn't want a black person. Coming in with their rap and ghetto attitude." Stopped me dead in my tracks I was so horrified. Then she counters it with "I guess that's just my small town upbringing talking." No sweety.. that's your racism talking.

Is it May yet?


Lynn said...

So maybe Ly will flunk out??

God what a horror. I'm sorry you have to deal with that!

But hopefully the sweetie situation is still going well. :)

mrspao said...

She sounds a bit unhinged! Or jealous or both! Hang on in there - you are a third of the way through and maybe she'll fail and get thrown out. Or she'll get lynched....

knittingnurse said...


I can't believe you haven't slapped her yet?

I'm very proud of you and your restraint.

Holly said...

How about you hold her down and we'll all come slap her? Wow...what a piece of work. Sorry you have to live with that.

Karen said...

She did not say that! That's awful. Sounds like she has some serious self esteem issues to feel she has to cut others down like that.

You have more patience them me. Hang in there it will be May soon and you can do different housing next year.

Hang in there!


Diane said...

Well, I'd have to start playing gangsta rap all the time when Ly is around. Small town? No I think it's a small mind. Hope you have fun with Kari. You two always have great adventures.