January 14, 2008

Holy Crap...

So Ly finally came back from vacation. And I had been dwelling on what I wanted to say to her after a certain stunt she pulled my last day at home, along with the fact that she left a dirty pair of underwear, and sundry other dirty clothes, all over the floor. When I got back to school the bedroom smelled so bad, even with the door open and a fan going, that I had to go out and buy an air freshener to make it tolerable.

So I told her I needed to talk to her. We went into the bedroom and I shut the door so that La and Am (the new girl) couldn't hear. And I started calmly. I told her that I couldn't live the way I had last semester. That I wasn't going to put up with dirty underwear on the floor.

And she started arguing with me. Telling me that I had no right to make unreasonable demands of people and I had to learn that not everyone could live up to my high expectations and that she was sorry that I came from a house that picked up and kept things clean, but she didn't.

But the clincher... the thing that broke me down and made me lose my temper, was that she told me it wasn't just my room (she who comes home, runs into the room and shuts the door, gets annoyed with me if I go in there), I'm not Queen of the World and that I'm childish and need to grow up.

Ladies... I lost it. I don't think I've screamed that loud or sworn that much in a looooong time. Every little injustice she's done to me over the last semester came pouring out and every time she tried to cut me off I'd just get louder. I finally quieted down, told her that this was the only time we would be having this conversation, the next time I'd be listing grievances with the housing department.

And then... she packed up her shit and moved out. I'm not even kidding.

At first I felt this blissful euphoria, having purged myself of the toxin I've been carrying around for the past 5 months. But now I'm all upset, headachy, and waiting for the ax to fall. Because when I went to see our RA and was leaving a note for him when he wasn't there the person at the door asked "So, are you La?" I'm positive that she's going to try and get me booted out of housing or something like that. Make it seem like I forced her out or made her leave or something along those lines.

Yeah, great way to start the semester.

Oh yeah, and yesterday I slammed my finger in my car door.

Bring it on.

ETA: My RA just stopped by to talk to me. He talked to Ly first and was trying to help me see how it was equal guilt. You know, I'm guilty of being... umm... clean. I'm so disgusted.


Lynn said...

I'm sorry about your finger!
Otherwise take a deep breath and it'll be fine. She's a freak and a pain in the ass. There is no way you've been the ONLY person to figure that out.

Chris said...

Ugh! :( How frustrating.

mrspao said...

Good grief. What is wrong with the world - have they all stopped having consideration for other people? I would think you are a wonderful and considerate roommate. Don't worry, you'll be ok because you do have two other roommates now and hopefully they will be able to back you up.

Deep breaths.

Sending you great big hugs. x

Traceyleezle said...

Oy, yes, really Kelly, I mean how could you, cleaning up after yourself and all, the guilt that you have placed on poor Ly. Your unrealistic expectations of basic hygiene and sanitation are simply ludicrous!

Pffft good ridence! I'd really like to see how this Ly will fair in her first real world work environment.

Diane said...

I can't believe you actually expect her to pick up her dirty clothes. You bitch! You and your high expectations.

Since your voice was loud enough for all to hear you'll have no trouble backing your case that you did not force her to move out; it was her choice.