January 17, 2008

Settling Down

After a rather dramatic start of the semester things have settled down.

Ly officially moved out on Tuesday, turned in her key and everything. But beyond that, she apparently quit school entirely. She was having issues far beyond what I could have imagined and I hope that she works her way through them.

But I am so glad she's gone. The entire atmosphere in the apartment is changed. No doors are shut, we all goof around with each other, go to the gym to work out together. It's comfortable here now. In fact Monday I'm making a big spaghetti dinner.

My classes are great. I love all of them except one, and even that one isn't horrible. It's just that the teacher is a little too religiously focused for my tastes, especially about a British Literature class. But I've got soooo much homework to do every day. Reading and papers and presentations. My time is scheduled down to the second. As it is I've a 4-5 page paper and presentation to prepare for the 31st on Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

But it gets better. Amid my classes and papers and other things, I'm also working crazy hours. Tomorrow I have class from 10 until 10:50. Then I work from 11 until 10. Saturday 10 til 10. Sunday 10 til 6. Then home from work to do laundry, read more and start researching critical essays for my presentation.

But there's still time for fun. It's just... compacted fun. Fun in convenient bite-sized packages.


Lynn said...


I'm doing a major happy dance for you. :) I'm thrilled things are better in the household department. Stress like that is such a drain on you and you don't even notice it until it's GONE.

Yay! :)

Good luck with all else this semester.

Chris said...

I remember that about college - it was intense, but good. :) I'm glad Ly's gone!!

mrspao said...

I'm so glad for you. Living with a disruptive presence can be so very hard.

Don't forget to get some rest or you'll wear yourself out.

Hug x

Traceyleezle said...

Joy of Joys! So glad that Ly has gone. I'm really happy for you Kelly. Hope you enjoy your Snickers Fun Size fun. Any IK mag yet?

Batty said...

I'm so glad your home atmosphere has improved. Classes and work are demanding enough without having to deal with at-home problems on top of them. Now, you can knit, cook, relax, and hang out with friends instead of hiding in your room. How great is that?