February 04, 2008

Deep Tissue

When all is said and done, I've had a pretty shitty 4 weeks. Every Monday it's a new adventure.

First it was Ly and that whole upset, the aftershocks of which left my other two roommates a little afraid to do anything to piss me off after seeing the full extent of my temper.

Then it was a family upset, with people who should learn to keep their mouth shut making trouble and mountains out of anthills. Oh yeah, that was fun.

Last week I was sick. To the point that I missed 4 classes and had myself banished to my bedroom to keep the germs from spreading all over the apartment.

Today my wireless router quit on me. Just randomly quit. So now I have to drop $$$$ to get another one. Good thing I'm rich. Oh wait...

Needless to say, all of this crap, on top of the regular stresses of school and work and life, I have been a wreck. Prone to tears, tense, poor D has been so patient with my perpetual PMS. Seriously, that guy deserves a gold medal or something.

So I scheduled a massage at the student fitness center. I did a little juggling with the budget and found the $20 it costs for a half an hour. And let me tell you, that was money VERY well spent. It wasn't a soft, lazy, relaxing massage like I'd expected. No, she went for the deep knots and worked those little bastards out. It was almost, and this is going to sound nasty, like she was popping zits. She'd work the knots up to my shoulders and then pinch them until they melted away. I kept imagining little knots of yarn popping out of my skin and accumulating on the floor.

It hurt. It hurt a lot. But it was a good hurt. A healing hurt. I'm positive I'm going to be a little bruised around my shoulder and neck area, but the knots are gone and I'm chugging water like I was told, to keep them from coming back.

Bestest part is... all I have for homework tonight is to review Frankenstein. And we're supposed to get wicked thunder storms tonight.


Chris said...

Drink lots of water! Great massages like that release stuff that needs to be flushed out of your system.

Thunderstorms. Dang - here it's snowing.

mrspao said...

That sounds like a wonderful massage! Hope the rest of term goes peacefully.

organizer2003 said...

long time lurker-
sounds like you had a trigger point massage. They DO release a lot of toxins and energy, so do keep up with the water (and keep it up anyway; it's good for you).

DH is an acupuncturist with a fair amount of LMT/Tui Na training. While he's not licensed to do the massage (yet), he does practice on me and a few close friends. ahhhhhh.... heaven.