February 06, 2008



The Castle of Otranto - This book was fantastic. Published on Dec 24th, 1764, it marks the beginning of the Gothic tradition in literature. Chock full of spookiness, fate and otherworldly events, it's a quick read that I really enjoyed.

Beowulf - I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I haven't read this before this class, as it's such an iconic story. I enjoyed it, but I didn't enjoy the class discussions. My teacher is a very religious person, which I have no issue with, except that he wants to teach Christianity and it's affects on British Literature, which is NOT the class I signed up for. One discussion topic was "Does Beowulf go to Heaven?" and me being me, I raised my hand and asked why it mattered and what it had to do with the text. He didn't answer me.

Fellowship of the Ring - I enjoyed this book FAR more than the last time I read it for a class. And I'm finding Tolkien's excessive detail and unnecessary histories far less aggravating than the last time.


I love the school gym. I really do. I go Monday, Wednesday and, if I don't have to work, Friday. If I do have to work I try to visit Tuesday or Thursday instead. And I try to go at least one day on the weekend. I bike for 30 minutes, which is between 7 and 10 miles depending on how fast I go. I'm not sore afterwards, I feel more awake, I sleep better and I lost 3 pounds. YeeFreakingHaw.


Chris said...

Dang - maybe you'll inspire me to pull my bike out of the corner I've pushed it into...

mrspao said...

Great books :)

Karen said...

Very cool reading update. Do you have any desire to see the movie Beowulf? Just curious.