February 10, 2008

Emo FO Photos

I finished up my badly needed hat. We've been having schizophrenic weather lately, summer on Monday, arctic blizzard on Tuesday, spring thunderstorms on Wednesday, etc. So I knit up a hat to go along with my Irish Hiking Scarf. I took a few pictures of the hat on and every single one looks like it's an emo MySpace picture.

I also finished an annoying little project I've had on the needles for over a week. My supervisor at work showed up with two skeins of Red Heart and asked me to knit her a scarf just like my cabled one. But thicker. With a keyhole so she could tuck it through. You know, cause I'm not a college student with anything to do with my time...

Well the cables were out, I just didn't have the time, so I cast on lengthwise and knit up a thick scarf in feather and fan with a keyhole. Here she is in the scarf, which I finished today while I was working with her:

I'm done with these sort of projects. They just end up annoying me. I need to learn to say no to people who approach me with yarn that isn't a gift. Or better yet... charge them.


Chris said...

LOL - very emo!! :)

Hmm, maybe you need to practice a nice automatic brush off line or something. I can't say I've ever had anyone approach me like that!

Karen said...

Great hat.

You need to learn to say no. Now if someone were to offer some really amazing yarn that I would otherwise not buy to knit up something fairly easy I might consider it. I don't think non knitters understand the time and effort involved. Personally, I will knit requests from my daughter, and my sister and that's about it. Everyone else get's the smile and nod.

Hope classes are going well and that you get to hug D as often as you would like. :-)

mrspao said...

I can't believe she brought you the yarn and asked you to do it!

Hope all is going well this term :)

The Jittery Knitter said...

There you go girl, charge them! Time is money. Don't get me wrong, I love knitting gifts, but what's up with someone asking you for something with no offering of something in return?! Yarn, or dinner would be nice.

Nutty Knitter said...

If someone asks me to knit them something, I either charge them or make them buy more of the yarn the want so I can have the leftover.

They are usually charged yarn or a trade of some sort.

How rude to not offfer anything for your talent or service!

My aunt charged for a quilt she made her boss. It was well over $300. He was shocked. Not in a bad way. It really opened his eyes to how much time/effort is put into making something. Needless to say, she now receives VERY nice gift cards etc., from him as a way to say thank you for things she does.