March 04, 2008

The Creeping Week

The weeks have been flying past with barely a chance to notice them, so of course this week, when I am excited about the upcoming weekend, when I'm dying for the time to pass, it's creeping by.

This Friday D and I are driving up to Chicago so that he can meet my dad. Yeah, it's that serious. The best part was breaking it to dad that we'll be sleeping in a hotel. Together. Alone. Yup... he took that real well. But he's dealt with it and moved on and D and I are really excited. We've got the entire weekend planned out. Museum, a hockey game and karaoke on Saturday and Sunday, when we head home, I'm bringing Kari with me so that she can spend spring break with me.

But of course this week is crawling past. Monday felt like a year and today was a snow day, so it positively crept past. Here's hoping that the rest of the week goes a bit faster.

In other news, La is driving myself and Am insane. Not because she's mean or selfish or anything like that. But because she's apparently regressed into a 3 yr old.


I'm sitting on the couch, knitting and watching Buffy, enjoying a short time of quiet procrastination before I begin my homework. Enter La:

"Whatcha doin'?"


"What episode is this? Who's that? Where's Buffy? Have you gotten to the part where Angel goes bad yet? How come you watch so much Buffy? Do you think vampires are real? How could they possibly exist today? I don't think they're real. That would be really freaky. Why did they make Spike blond? How can he smoke if he's dead? Is the guy playing him really British? What are you knitting? Do you think I should cut my hair? What about go blond? I'm hungry. Do you want to play poker? Lets get drunk together! Is Intervention on tonight? Oh wait, I have a text message..."

That is NOT an exaggeration people. She doesn't give you a chance to answer between questions. It's annoying in a really funny way. Except when she does it when I'm trying to read. Then I get cranky and want to hit her with my book.


Chris said...

Ah, roommates... So glad mine are furry, although that pre-dinner meowing can get out of hand.

Have fun this weekend! Of COURSE time crawls when you're waiting for something fun to happen...

mrspao said...

May I suggest some ear plugs?

knittingnurse said...

Have you tried answering her back in the same way? Maybe she would get the hint?

Have fun in Chi town. It's such a great place.

Batty said...

Have a great time! I'm so glad your dad is taking things well, you're going to have so much fun.

Diane said...

Have fun with your visit and even more fun with Kari over spring break.

Don't hit La or it'll go something like this ... Why did you hit me? Did you have paperback you could have used? Do you always hit on the head? Have you hit many people? Wait I have to text Am about this .....

My youngest daughter is a chatterbox and when she starts I usually just don't say anything, look at her until she notices and stops and then calmly say, "You know you have to stop to breath sometime."

Traceyleezle said...

I just knew there would be a hockey game involved this weekend. Have a good one. Wow, meeting the Dad. Wow.