March 19, 2008


You know what my favorite part of yesterday was?

When La got drunk off her ass.
Talked all the way through the movie I was watching.
Threw up in the kitchen sink.
And then used my dish-washing sponge to clean it up.

You know what my favorite part of today was?

Me telling her the next time she was queasy to throw up in the garbage.
Her asking "Why? It's a sink. You put soap in it anyways."
Me telling her it doesn't matter, don't barf in the sink.
Her asking "Are you aware of the things that have gone down that sink before we moved in?"
Me adding "I'm not talking about then, I'm not talking to people who have lived here before. I am talking about now and I am talking to you. Do. Not. Vomit. In. The. Kitchen. Sink."

I hate it here! It's fun living here. Please shoot me. Every day is an adventure. I'm counting the days until she moves out. I'll miss her when she's gone.


Diane said...

Oh to be young and clueless ....

Heather said...

That is why I don't want kids anytime soon! Then you are dealing with it coming out of BOTH ends!!

Chris said...

Oh god. That would be why I quickly got out of roommate situations and rented teeny tiny efficiences.

mrspao said...

She'll learn eventually. When I was in my final year in university in a quiet block in our residences, the guy above me used to hold long parties where his friends yelled and stamped. I reported him lots of times and he was just snotty with me.

A couple of years later I bumped into town and he actually apologized for being obnoxious.

Batty said...

One of those things you learn in college... some people you can be great friends with but can't live with. One of my friends got in a physical fight with the girl she shared a sink with... over leg shaving in the sink. It's just one of those arguments that come up, it's normal (if annoying).

And vomiting in the kitchen sink is gross. That's what the toilet is for.