March 25, 2008

Small Bursts

As the semester trudges on I'm trying to find a few minutes a day to knit or be otherwise creative so that I don't completely stagnate. (Like my blog has.)

The projects can't be big or I end up consumed with working on them and end up ignoring my homework, which is bad. So here are the small projects that I managed to finish this month:

A photo collage: I bought a poster frame, lined it with some fun fabric I picked up and then used fabric glue to attach the pictures. I did it in two evenings. Quick. Fun. And it'll make moving my photos around much easier.

A springy 3-strand bracelet:This has been floating around in my head for a while now, so I hunted down the beads I needed and whipped this up last week. The colors are much brighter in person.

And then there's Oogie...Oogie is my personal gremlin and will also serve as a very good dammit doll when I'm having a bad day.

I knit him up Sunday while doing laundry and then did the finishing and detail work today.

He's based off of the Jelly Baby pattern from Jean Greenhowe's Gift Dolls book. I used my leftover yarn from my badly needed hat & scarf that I knit over the winter.

In the meantime, I have 3 research papers to write and no ideas on what to write about. Wheeeee!


Chris said...

I like how you're squeezing creativity into your days! Oogie's quite cute. :)

Good luck on the papers...

Traceyleezle said...

Oogie, I love him! I love his expression too. Definitely an excellent damn it doll. Although I think I would melt at his cuteness before I could give him a few good whacks.

Good luck on the papers. Keep us posted if anything inspires you.

mrspao said...

Oogie is very cute :) Hope the papers go ok.

Batty said...

It doesn't take much -- just 10 minutes to half an hour -- to keep you sane. Take a craft break or take a walk when things get overwhelming. It really helps.