April 03, 2008

Taco Hell

I feel like I became a real college student today. I ate Taco Bell for lunch (in itself a rare occasion in my life) then went home and took a 2 hour nap with D. It was lovely. He was amused by the fact that I drooled on my pillow but I didn't care. I needed that nap.

But oh, the indigestion! I woke up with fire in my throat and all but ran to get one of my antacid pills. Taco Bell is evil. I wanted soup. I was looking forward to soup. But they didn't have any good soup. Just bean with bacon and broccoli cheddar. I just wanted some nice chicken noodle soup! So instead I got tacos. Ugh. I honestly think I'm going to die. That's the last Taco Hell I'll be eating for a loooong time.

It's pouring out. And thundering.

I took my copy of Victorian Lace Today to my Victorian Lit class, as we had a presentation on Tuesday about fashions of the time and I thought it was fitting. But my teacher displayed dismay and disappointment that I hadn't knit up everything in the book to show the class. Then, pausing on a page with a beautiful shawl, she asked, a little too casually, how long it would take to knit it.

I have learned my lesson about knitting for others. I looked at the shawl, smiled and responded "Oh, between 4 and 5 hundred hours." No way I'm getting suckered into knitting anything else for anyone else. Especially not this teacher.


Chris said...

I knew there were good reasons I don't eat at TB!

Yikes - no kidding. No knitting for teachers.

mrspao said...

I haven't eaten at Taco Bell for decades. Glad you managed to fend off that teacher.

Batty said...

Be nice to your stomach. I got food poisoning off of undercooked chicken in college, and my digestive system has never been the same again.

Uh... you didn't knit up everything in the book? Wow, I'm disappointed. Because, you know, I have to book too, and I haven't knit anything from it yet because doing even one of those shawls is a major commitment. That teacher is definitely not getting anything. She wouldn't appreciate the work that goes into a shawl.

Traceyleezle said...

Oy, I am on a TB kick lately, it's the baby, that and Moes of course I prefer Moes.

I love the comment to the teacher, people who don't craft at all, just don't get the time involved in creating something.