April 18, 2008

And Another

I'm not positive if it was another quake or just an aftershock, but it happened again this morning.

It wasn't as strong, which is good, since I was on the top floor of one of the oldest buildings on campus. Middle of class I suddenly get very dizzy, then realize it's because the whole building is moving!

It's all anyone is talking about. You hear people on their phones on the bus assuring people they woke up, that it lasted 5 minutes (more like 30-45 seconds), that they were thrown from their beds, etc.


LA said...

It was 4.5 magnitude aftershock. I felt it move my desk at work.

I slept through the earthquake this morning. Not sure if the fact that my room is in the basement was a factor in that or not.

Chris said...


mrspao said...

We had an earthquake in Kent when we were on holiday last year. It was pretty weird to hear about it when we got back. That must have been some earthquake.