April 20, 2008

Society of Shoppers

I saw these two products this weekend and they both struck me as so... stupid. I had to share.

First off, we have Olay Filling and Sealing Wrinkle Treatment. Now, call me crazy but... isn't this the same thing as spackle?

Seriously, have we gotten that vain that rather than have a few wrinkles women are willing to spackle their faces? I wonder if it comes with a little pink piece of sandpaper so that you can smooth out the finished product.

And then we have these:Jelly Belly Sport Beans. Choke full of vitamins, electrolytes and even available in caffeinated flavors.

Because while I'm at the gym, working off the day's indulgences, I sit and think to myself "I want a jellybean. But not just any jellybean. I want a healthy, sporty jellybean."

People... if you don't want your money you can give it to me.


Chris said...

Whoa. The face spackle does boggle the mind... as do caffeinated jelly beans.

knittingnurse said...

Spackling your face. GREAT!

Oh, and along the line of the jelly beans, what about that caffeinated "energy" snickers bar or the vitamin enriched diet coke?

Yum - O. . . . .er, NOT!

mrspao said...

How odd :)