May 16, 2008

Stupid Bees...

I missed straight A's this semester by one stinking class. ONE CLASS! UGH! I could really just spit I'm so annoyed. It was all the final too. The essay questions were wonky and I didn't really have a good thesis for my essay. Stupid class. Stupid B.

Summer classes start on the 27th. It should be interesting, taking normally 16 week courses in 5. I'm taking:

Literary Criticism
Introduction to Anthropology
Survey of American Literature-Civil War to Modern
Canterbury Tales

Then fall classes start after a 2 week break.

In possibly the best news I've gotten in a while, I was hired on permanently at what was a temp job, so I have a job there for as long as I'm a student at SIUE. WOOT!!

Tomorrow D and I are heading to the zoo to enjoy our leisure time before classes begin. I am knitting, but not much at the moment. I'll have pictures from the zoo and other fun stuff soon.


lookinout said...

I understand about the B among your As. I've felt it too. The prof didn't believe I was paying attention because I knit through class. I was so mad I wrote the Dean and threw out the answer from the prof unopened.
Congratulations on the job, and all the other good marks.

Chris said...

Still - congrats!! Good grades. :) And yay about the job!

Batty said...

As a life-long overachiever, I feel your pain. However... hurt feelings aside, there are classes that are worth the B. If you learned a lot and feel like it wasn't all a waste of time, a B is an excellent grade. If the class sucked and you got a B, well, I'm sorry, that just sucks. No mitigating factors.

mrspao said...

Congratulations! You've done so well!

Anonymous said...

Are you a fan of the show Lost? If so, try googling "Dead Author's Blog". There's a blog out there that someone writes from the perspective of, well, dead authors, usually Shakespeare. But they recently did a post in which Chaucer comments on Lost, and it's a riot. If you watch Lost.