May 25, 2008

What The Dickens??

So I went from no knitting at all to knitting like a crazy person and 4 finished objects to show off.

I'm in love with Raynor Gellatly's patterns that have been adapted from those great teeny crochet patterns.

I have her monkey pattern a try and ended up with Dickens:

Hidden Ninja Monkey!

Highly Disapproving Monkey

Drunken Monkey

I also knit up the mini turtle and the little hippo:

And a beret. No action shot, it's hard to take a picture of yourself in a beret. I'll see if I can get D to take a picture for me eventually.


mrspao said...

That's a great site - I've bookmarked it. I love your monkey so much! I am going to see if I have the right colour for the whale :)

I love the look of that beret.

Chris said...

Fun swirly beret! The monkey is really cute.

Traceyleezle said...

I love it when you knit toys. They are so cute, I am still in love with the elephant.

Is there a lot of extra finishing w/ hand knit toys? i/e sewing, weaving in ends?

Oh yes, remember me? I used to be a regular here until I fell in love with a little man.