June 19, 2008

An Apology

I feel so horrible. I've neglected my blog, which is bad, but worse than that is that I haven't commented to a single person in ages. Summer classes are kicking my ass all over the place. It's just too much. I mean it.

But I'm stealing a moment tonight and FINALLY heading out to the LYS to go to a knit night. I've been saying that I'm going for months, since I moved down here really, but I've chickened out every single time. Not tonight. Tonight I'm going and that's that.

In knitting news, I've been knitting some. Working on a few projects. One super special awesome project that will hopefully be revealed Sunday, assuming I finish it in time. Present for D. He's so spoiled, he gets all my knitted goodies.

Anyways, I apologize to all the people that I have neglected. Hopefully the second half of summer semester will be quieter and I'll have a chance to make the bloggy rounds.


mrspao said...

Have fun at knit night. I know how difficult it is to balance life, study etc so don't worry - I'm just glad you pop up every so often and we hear how you are.

Diane said...

Daughter #2 is balancing work and summer classes so I know how terrible it is trying to squeeze everything in. Hang in there. You're doing an awesome job.

Been watching the news and no mention of anyone getting attached with knitting needles on a college campus. You have great restraint.

Chris said...

Having survived through college, you have my complete sympathy - don't feel guilty! How was knit night?

Traceyleezle said...

He there, I hear you. I've rather been busy myself. So of course you are forgiven.

Did you go to the knit night? I want to hear about it.

Here's hoping things settle a bit for you.