July 12, 2008

This. Sucks.

So at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon the power transformer for my apartments blew. Caught fire and went kaplooey. Now there is no power. No power for to run the air conditioning in the 90 degree heat and 100% humidity. And they don't expect it to be fixed until Tuesday at the soonest. I crashed with D last night and he keeps assuring me that I can stay here as long as I like, unfortunately I'm positive that his parents will thing otherwise about having a random house crasher.

The school's solution is to stick us all in the freshman dorms, where there are no kitchens, no fridges and there will be overcrowding and chaos.

I'm debating just camping out in the apartment and trying to survive for a few days in the good old fashioned amish way. Knitting by firelight does have a certain charm to it. Except that it's already so damn hot that fire seems counter productive.

Probably my biggest annoyances are;

1. All the food I'm going to lose
2. All the money I'm going to end up spending having to eat out for the next 4 days.
3. The fact that my choices are cold showers, no showers or showering at the gym every morning before class.

Thus endeth the pouty rant.


mrspao said...

Oh dear! I hope they sort it out quicker.

Joshua said...

dam, that sucks. But remember, it could be worse. Happy thoughts

Diane said...

You call that a rant? That's nothing compared to what would be coming out of my mouth.

Gotta wonder exactly what your school does with your tuition/room/board money. They don't provider investigation when fire alarms go off and now have no urgent need to correct a power failure.

Chris said...

UGH - I hope they get it fixed sooner. Nowhere to take your food, eh?