August 23, 2008

I Am Sitting

In the corner of the dining room, where my things have been forced, listening to my new roommate C, who is drunk after polishing 2 bottles of vodka off with her friends between 3 and 7pm, talking about how much she hates having me as a roommate.

She has been here 3 days.

This morning I woke up to a note that informed me that she and Am would be rearranging the living room while I was at work. I made two requests... be gentle with my TV stand because it isn't stable and leave my plants on the table by the window.

When I got home from work my plants were on the porch and I was told to move my TV for them. Then I was told that having my plants by the window didn't work for their plan, that I needed to find a new home for them and that I also had to take down the ONE SINGLE decoration that I have in the entire apartment because C has decided that it isn't cute.

I ended up leaving, sitting in my car outside of Borders, crying on the phone with my parents because I am flashing back to last year with LY, where everything was bad and I spent the entire semester with heartburn.

Help... please...


Karen said...

Is this apt cursed? You so don't need this extra stress. Is there anywhere else you can go? At least you have D and your super cool knitting and your classes, but you so don't need this at home.

Any cool classes this semester?

Joshua said...

give us their names and were we can find them.....and then all will be well again.

hang in K

Chris said...

Can you find a tiny efficiency or something?? I was always much happier when I had tiny efficiencies than when I had roommates.

DPUTiger said...

This is devious and underhanded, but are C and her friends of legal drinking age? This is University housing, yes? Perhaps an RA could be tipped off if they aren't all 21.

Seems to me that the two newbies seem to believe they have lots and lots of power in this living arrangement. I wonder why that is?

Hang in there. You are a year older and smarter, and now you have D on your side!

mrspao said...

Hug. They sound like a vicious and nasty bunch of people. Is there any way you can get out of there and move into something by yourself as Chris mentions? You don't need more of the same crap. After all, it is also your home since you're paying a quarter of the rent and these girls sound like total bullies.

If they are making you feel like this, it is harassment so there must be some sort of counsellor you can complain to and get yourself moved.

Just hold on to the good stuff - I know it is hard to think beyond this now. You got all those amazing grades, you have a wonderful boyfriend and friends. We are all rooting for you - you'll get through this.