November 16, 2008

Strange Week

This past Monday was my birthday. As per usual, the week either before or after my birthday is always.... interesting.

Take this week for example. Monday one of my professors had an emotional breakdown in the middle of class. I had left class after she announced there wasn't going to be a quiz, so I missed the show, but apparently she cried. I feel bad cause she cried. But she is a flake.

Wednesday another one of my professors had a breakdown in the middle of class. Only this time I had no sympathy and was about ready to stand up a slap her because she asked us to tell her why we weren't doing well in the class, inviting the criticism, and then got all uppity with us. At one point she responded to one of my comments, asking her to post class notes earlier than 15 minutes before class, by informing me that I'm lazy. Yeah. Then she announced that from that point forward she was dealing with adults. I wanted SOOOO badly to ask if that meant she was going to start acting like one too. I refrained. With difficulty.

Thursday I found out that I still haven't been paid by the second job I've been working at for nearly two months now. In fact, there's not even any paperwork in process.

Friday I was working and totally fried a powerstrip, losing all of the work that I had done during the morning. Obviously I had to switch projects while it was fixed, so I went to work on a different project and was reinforced in my opinion that people I work with, student workers at least, absolutely HATE me and cannot stand being near me.

Thankfully Friday ended with Dan meeting me at my place, us going bowling and then me spending the night at his place and us lounging together all day Saturday.

The semester is reaching critical mass and I'm looking forward to next week, when Dan and I will be spending Thanksgiving break with my family, lounging, relaxing and otherwise wasting time. It's just a matter of getting through this last week.

At the moment there is a teenybopper relationship support group going on in the living room and I keep catching little snippets of the conversation during quiet moments of my music. Allow me to share:

"We didn't even have sex this weekend. We didn't have it except for once!"
"I'm not ready to seriously date someone. That's why I want to just be dating him!"


Anyways, to celebrate my birthday Dan's sisters made me two of the coolest cakes ever. And these ladies have never had a single class on this sort of stuff. Just made it up on their own:

Speaking of his sisters, I'm knitting them each gifts for the holidays and I finished one of them. It's the Spiral Scarf from Scarf Style, but I prefer to call it the Soul Sucking Scarf From Hell.

Just a few more holiday gifts to knit up, I'm keeping the list short this year due to time and money constraints.

Time to return to homework...


Josh said...


lookinout said...

I remember being older than one of my instructors (when I was back as an older student) and she felt criticized when I asked questions. I also remember being the instructor who lost it in class once.
You're going to be through this soon, so good luck.

LA said...

What a week! I don't think I've ever had a prof break down in class let alone 2 in one week. Just think... you're almost done with this semester.

Happy Belated Birthday!

mrspao said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hope your birthday was wonderful.

Traceyleezle said...

*snort* I can so see you asking that Prof if she would also be joining the adult masses. You rock.

Hope Thanksgiving goes really great!

Batty said...

Those cakes are awesome!