December 14, 2008

$3 Holiday Cheer

This is the tree that decorates my apartment right now. Sadly I didn't get to put it up this year. The annoying roommates saw it sitting out, as I planned to decorate it after I finished writing a paper, and decided to do it for me. Now I'm a pretty big grinch, but that made me a little sad because I was looking forward to doing it.

Classes are over. I have two finals and a presentation to do next week, assuming that the ice storm heading towards us doesn't stop life as we know it for a few days. I've been wrapping up my holiday knitting. I still have a few more projects to finish up, one that has yet to be started actually.

I am so glad this semester is over. It has been horrible. Here's hoping next semester will be better.


knittingnurse said...

Well, let's look at the bright side (no pun intended). . . .at least they decorated it instead of complaining about it, right?

Chris said...

Yeah, I thought after the first few sentences that they were going to veto it!

mrspao said...

Ditto to both of those comments but glad they didn't.

Batty said...

Wow, finals and you're getting holiday knitting done... you're amazing. Sorry about the tree, though... Maybe you can buy a special ornament and hang it yourself?