December 16, 2008

Holiday Knitting

I actually finished my holiday knitting early this year. Which means that I've been adding projects to the list. But they're all small.

Anyways, here are the projects I finished.

For one of Dan's sisters:
The Soul Sucking Scarf from HELL!!!!
I mean... the spiral scarf from Scarf Style.

For his other sister, I decided to do the Devil Hat from Stitch n Bitch:
Except it looked more like a red blob with bug pinchers on the top. So I snipped off the horns and added kitty ears...

Still not as cute as I'd hoped, cause now I wish I'd knit it in black...

And for my mom:
It's the Wool Peddler's Shawl from Folk Shawls. I knit the body in gray, the lace in a soft pink and then finished off with the gray again. It took FOREVER but I'm glad I stuck to it and finished it. I'm excited to see how Mom likes it.

Dan and I went and got professional portraits done last week to give to both our parents for x-mas. I'm so happy with the pictures. They're adorable. We brought props and cracked the photographer up with our different poses which are:

The traditional couple's pose
Us in black hats, back to back and looking at the camera
Him with a wrestling championship belt across one shoulder while I roll my eyes
Me knitting while he stands captive with the yarn wound around his hands

As soon as they get in I'll scan them and post them here, cause I absolutely adore them.

Well... time to write a few essays and study for finals!


lookinout said...

Good luck with your exams and here's to next year.

Karen said...

Yeah! Fo's! Everything looks great. The pictures sound so fun. I MUST see the knitting one. :-)

Happy Knitting and Studying for Exams.

Diane said...

beautiful stuff. That was the origional name of the spiral scarves. Every stitch after the 3rd row makes you want to throw yourself on your knitting needle. By the time you finish you are cursing everyone and their mothers for creating such a project from hell.

I love mom's shawl.

Josh said...