January 10, 2009


It has been a strange day.

I left work early to go get my hair cut and dyed.

She chopped off my hair. Then dyed it dark brown. Then told me that they needed to close and I would have to come back for the highlights. Then called the owner to see if she should stay. Then told me the owner said to come back. Then the owner called back and yelled at the woman for taking too long and told her to stay and finish, which pissed off the woman who then began aggressively combing my poor hair.

I decided to leave and go back another day to get the highlights done. Tomorrow morning actually.

I returned to the apartment, pulled off my jacket and wondered why it felt so cold. I checked the thermostat and found out why. Cassie had turned the heat off before she left. She had also made cookies and left them sitting out on the pan and gotten my spatula dirty without washing it.

I sent her the following text message:

I don't appreciate you turning the thermostat down to 55 so that I have to sleep in a cold apartment. Also, if you cannot wash my kitchen things after using them, don't use them.

Apparently she was next door, so she ran over and started in on me. How was she supposed to know that the spatula wasn't hers? (I pointed out that if she didn't buy it, it doesn't belong to her) She didn't turn the heat off, she didn't know who did it, maybe her boyfriend did. (Whereupon I lost my temper a little, informed her that he had no right to touch the thermostat as it isn't his bleeping apartment, and either way it's still her problem to deal with because he's her guest)

She left, I showered, got into my PJs, turned on my heated blanket to warm up my freezing room and got into bed to watch some TV before going to sleep.

There's a knock at the door. It's the RA.

Yes, because I confronted her about turning the heat off she arranged a mediation meeting with the RA. We're meeting tomorrow after I get off work at five.

So tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to this week's installment of

Dorm Room Drama!!!


mrspao said...

Oh dear. Hope the meeting goes ok.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Knit Wit,

I'm sorry you are having roommate troubles again. But I will say to you, "This too shall pass."

Being an older person I know for a fact that I rarely think of bad roommates and their misdeeds from my passed. In the moment it is hard. But the more you learn to laugh at their lack of character behind their backs the easier it gets to survive them. Sometimes they do these things just to get a rise from you so don't rise or lower yourself to their level.

A thick skin coat can be removed later, when they've left the room.

Hugs, Euphoria

Batty said...

Oy, I remember dorm room dramas. Granted, it's been 9 years since I graduated (eep!), but I still remember getting a call from a friend telling me to come immediately, going downstairs, and finding two 23-year-old women throwing a fit over whether or not it's OK to shave one's legs in a shared sink. Urgh! What happened to being considerate?

I'm sorry you're having a sucky time of it.

Traceyleezle said...

So how many semesters do you have left?