January 11, 2009


OK, so we remember the way my hair used to look:

And here, though horrible webcam photos, is my new hair style:

I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Can't wait for Dan to see it.

The meeting... not so good. It kinda went in a circle. Started badly, got good towards the middle and then ended badly. But I voiced a lot of stuff that I had been keeping in, including her calling me "it", "the creature" and "inhuman" behind my back. Her face when I confronted her about that... priceless.

It ended badly. There will be fake and forced politeness and I know she'll continue to talk about me behind my back, but she knows I know about it, so maybe she'll be more careful to keep it on the downlow.

Best comment of the meeting:

Just because you hear me say your name and then that you're a bitch doesn't mean that the overall statement was negative.


Josh said...

love the hair, and screw the bitch

Yarn Maiden said...

First, love your haircut it's adorable : D
I'm moving out on my current roommates next year b/c I just can't take it anymore. So liberating! Good luck with your continuing roommate situation : /

Tales of a Nanny said...

I love the Hair!! It is so cute on you!!


mrspao said...

I love your new hair style. You look fabulous.

Holly said...

Adorable hair!

Diane said...

I love the new hair cut and color. Looks great!

The roommate drama never ends. My youngest it at college with 5 other suitmates. It's never ending drama.

KnittyLynn said...

Your hair is very cute!

And OMG that comment from her at the meeting. Seriously, that's priceless..it's like a bad Hallmark Card or something. *snicker*

Traceyleezle said...

Love the hair! Supa sexy!

I can't help but laugh about the comment. That's when I would be laughing out loud and asking if she even hears herself.