February 01, 2009

*Insert Witty Title Here*

My knitting mojo has left me. In fact... all of my mojo has left me. I am remarkably lazy and bored most of the time these days. I started a pair of endpaper mitts and then yanked them out. Frankly I'm impressed that I managed to get my laundry done today.

The dorm drama goes on. We had another blow up wherein I informed Cassie that she was a liar, a child and so not worth the time I was wasting speaking to her. Since then she has managed to do her cleaning so time will tell. And, as I tell myself at least twenty times a day, it's just til May.

I'm getting a bit annoyed with how much drama is starting to develop on Ravelry. It seems like every time something good comes along, like a community site where people with similar interests can come together, it goes to shit. In the past few weeks I've seen more snotty posts and ridiculous amounts of high school clique behavior. You may or may not have seen the stuff about some indie dyer possibly faking her own death. Beyond the drama of that, the people who claimed to have all of the info about it were refusing to tell anyone outside of their discussion group, that they were, quote "Keeping this one in the family folks". Because apparently now groups on ravelry are the mafia. Oy.

I'm really hoping that it's the weather. That everyone and everything will relax, reboot and go back to some semblance of normalcy.

Until then... here's a photo of a cookie.

Anyone else think it looks naughty?


Josh said...

cookies make everything better

Karen said...

Sorry to hear the dorm childishness continues. May will be here soon!

I must be missing a ton on Ravelry, I pretty much stick to a few groups and miss the drama! Faked her own death? WTF?

When I scrolled down and saw the cookie I first thought "Yum Cookie!" Then I read your caption. Yes that cookie looks a bit naughty. lol!

Hope you get your Mojo back soon. I was checking out Rav friends projects last night and saw your Little Dan knit, both versions of Dan are so cute. :-)

LA said...

drama, drama, drama... such nonsense you shouldn't have to deal with while trying to get an education or do anything else for that matter.

As for the cookie... yes naughty and it reminds me of the lights at Cheesecake Factory. They were naughty too. :)

Traceyleezle said...

OK, I totally missed the Ravelry drama. Cripes. I must not be in any good groups.

Sorry about the roomie crap. Ech.

Yes, that is one naughty little cookie. Give it to Dan.

Jenny Girl said...

unfortunately on Ravelry there are some really crazy people. I know what you mean with the cliques, snottiness, and utter rudeness. Like if I met some of those people on the street I would give them such a dress down!

And yes that is one naughty cookie!