September 13, 2009

Meet The Kids

When I moved in with Dan I got a lot of things that I didn't have before. Access to back rubs 24/7, a nightly blanket thief, and a whole slew of Steven Seagal movies. I also became co-owner to three furry blobs.

Stinky, so named because when he was rescued he thanked Dan by tooting in the car all the way home, is my cat. I have adopted him as my own 100%. He is the fall guy for the other two. They'll cause trouble and poor Stinky gets the blame. I've become his protector. Admittedly he is a trouble maker, but he does it with good intentions.

Also known as Princess PrissyPants, Isis is Dan's baby. If the world was ending and we were getting into an escape pod, Dan would help her get settled and then decide if there was room for me. She's a very sweet cat who loves to share my desk chair with me. She has the cutest little chirruping meow and is so fat that she looks like she swallowed a cantaloupe. I'm trying to figure out a kitty diet for her.

Brother of Isis, Sebastian, also known as Bubbah and Captain FuzzyPants, is as dumb as a post and is 100% Dan's cat. He wants nothing to do with me. If Dan is at his desk, Sebastian will be in his lap within seconds. He is also the most photogenic cat I have ever seen.

The cats are all adorable and they're slowly getting used to the idea of me being around all the time. I don't think Isis enjoys sharing the bed with another female, but she's getting used to it. I'm eager to see how they react to having a whole new house to explore.

Next post: It's a Small World After All, how I found out that Dan's Ex is in the same Master's program as me.

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Johannah said...

awkward to have Dan's Ex in the same Master's program. Just remember you are the better person....