October 03, 2009

The Blank Canvas

A quick tour of the apartment, before all of our stuff got moved in:

The master bedroom:

The second bedroom (also known as the game room):

The living room:

The kitchen, with the grooviest tile in the world:

The cats are slowly adjusting, but here are a few shots of them from the first day:

Stinky had to be taken out of the litter box after a few hours:

Brother and sister protecting each other:

They're doing better now. They're still leery of the new place, but they're exploring a bit more. They still prefer to be in whatever room Dan is in.


Batty said...

Dude, don't remind me... when we moved, Merlin and Morgana were freaking out! They were howling and jumping around and trying to open the door so they could run back home. If we'd had downstairs neighbors, they would have broken in and shot them, they were so loud!
Now, they love the place, but ugh. It took a while.

Have fun picking colors for your new abode. Paint and some prints ought to make the place homey and fun.

Josh said...

looks nice, you must have had some awesome friends move ya :)

mrspao said...

Great place :)