October 02, 2009


Dan and I moved into our very first apartment together yesterday. (Photos to come, I promise!) The cats are traumatized to the extreme and probably won't forgive us for a few days.

In other news, I have a problem student in the class that I am teaching. He is extremely disruptive in class and basically acts like a high schooler.

A few weeks ago he got really upset at me for asking him what his paper topic was and I got so alarmed by his violence that I contacted the Dean of Student Affairs, in case anything further happened.

Well it did. Today I kept him after class because he was screwing around, as usual, and he went off on me. To the point that another student actually stayed in the hallway when she heard, to make sure that I was ok. I contacted the Dean again for help and he's being charged with two counts of student misconduct and has to have a meeting before he's allowed back in my class.

Oh yes, and there will be a plain clothes police officer in the hall outside of my class on Monday. Just in case.

God it's horrible that these are the plans that we have to make. Apparently the police officer is standard in these situations, to make sure that the student doesn't come and do anything stupid. At first I just thought they were being over dramatic, but when you think about the different things that have happened recently...

I'm just glad that I have such great support from the other departments. And a house full of boxes to unpack and distract me.


DPUTiger said...

Oh, yikes! But the procedures are there for your protection (and his!) Hope that gets cleared up quickly!

Johannah said...

Oh yikes! I'm glad your okay though!