April 13, 2005

Granny Squares

Ok, so spring is here and I have NO interest in working on a hot sweater anymore. Hehe. So I was perusing the discounted books at Barnes and Noble and I found one of their publications. Knitting and Crochetting. So I checked the price. $10. A little much really. But then I happened to glance down at the UPC, someone had pasted the wrong sticker over it and it said $2.99. Hells yeah baby! I snatched it up real fast.

I took it home and began flipping through it. The first couple chapers are devoted, as well they should be, to knitting. But there are a few chapers about crochetting. And one of the classic crochetting projects are Granny Squares.

They're the perfect thing for people like me, who need instant gratification. Each square takes, maybe 10-15 minutes to finish completely. And they look so cute, all square and adorable.

So, inspired by my newfound interest, I headed to the library and found some OLD SCHOOL books on crochetting. And I mean old, old school. One of the patterns was for an adorable granny square blanket. Each square is only 3x3 inches, so they're super fast. Downside? Yeah, there is one. The pattern calls for 300 of these little squares. Right now I think I have 14 or 15 done. That was done in two days. If I keep this up, averaging 7 a day... 7 into 300... carry the 2... minus the 4.... it'll take me about a month and a half to finish making the squares. And then I have to sew them all together. That'll probably take another 3 or 4 days... but it'll be worth it. It'll be my main decoration for my dorm room. And a very kick ass decoration, if I do say so myself.

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