June 24, 2005

Making Up for Lost Time

I was actually productive today!!

After ignoring my knitting for nearly a week I took advantage of my day off to make up for lost time. Well... not really, but at least I didn't waste any more of it being idle.

Only 10 more repeats of my shawl to go!!! I got 2 done today, while watching the first disk of the 10th Kingdom.

I also finished 2 blocks of my Slytherin scarf. I've decided that I'm going to have to make it 20 blocks long, because 4 blocks is exactly a foot. That'll make it 5 feet long, which I think is a perfect size for a scarf.

On top of that I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 2 balls of camouflage print sock yarn to make these really cool fingerless opera gloves that I saw, and I bought a neat little canvas bag with some iron on letters to make my own "Knit Happens!" bag. It looks really, really neat. And with the left over letters I plan to make a "Slytherin Rocks!" shirt for July 16th. Either that or a "Voldemort Fan Club President" shirt, but I might need another pack of letters for that.

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