June 30, 2005

Stepping Away from the Pattern

So I was working on my shawl again today and counting how many repeats I have done and looking at the pattern to see how many I have to go and then I tried it on, just for fun. The shawl, as it is right now when I drape it over my shoulders, hangs almost to the ends of my fingers. I think that I might do maybe... 2 more repeats and see what it looks before continuing. 6 more repeats might make it too long really. Tomorrow I'll work on it and see how it looks. If, after 2 repeats, it's long enough, meaning if it covers my hands completely, I'll call it quits and do the 7 rows of seed stitch before binding off.

I was a bum and didn't do my 2 blocks on my Slytherin scarf before I went in to work today, which means I'll have to do 4 blocks tomorrow to keep up. Unless of course I'm finishing up my shawl. I would love to flounce into work on Friday with it draped delicately over my shoulders.

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