July 18, 2005

A welcome escape

It's been a very, very tough week or so and I've found my knitting a welcome escape from it all. As money problems well up and school plans are cancelled, picking up my knitting is the best way I've found to escape and forget about it all.

Just as I'd predicted I did end up working like a madwoman on Thursday to finish my Slytherin scarf. And it looked great for the big Potter party on Friday. Between that and my Lucius Malfoy "Evil is so SEXY" shirt that I was wearing, I was the hottest little Slytherin around.

I've been spending all of my time working on Casey's baby blanket. It's really looking great. I've got one green and one speckled stripe done and I've just started another green one. I'm up to about 125 stitches, so each row takes a few minutes. Once I get to 160 stitches I'll start decreasing. In all I'm very pleased with the way the blanket is turning out. And, as it's knit all in garter stitch, it's very easy to work on without needing obsessive amounts of attention.

I also bought a beautiful yarn to make Sarah, my brother's fiancee, a sprial scarf for x-mas. I'll have to start working on that fairly soon, if I want it done for the holidays. Ugh... the holidays, I'm not looking forward to them. In fact, I'm not looking forward to the next year in general. But I'll survive, there's no other choice.

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