August 29, 2005


Sunday the Junior Knit Wit and I headed out to the LYS for some browsing enjoyment. I love going there, it's so nice and everyone is so nice and yet... it's pure torture at the same time. But in the best possible way.

We were wandering around, fondling the yarn and I was making mental lists of what I have to buy when I win the lottery. (Everything, really.) And I wept over the recycled silk yarn, I want it so much and yet whenever I have money I never buy it... go figure. Then I grabbed a hank of this beautiful emerald green Cascade 220 to make a hat and while I was waiting to check out I heard 2 women talking about making chemo caps. I just posted about doing charity knitting, so my interest was peaked and I eavesdropped.

"We'll provide you with the pattern and if you buy one skein of the chinchilla yarn, then bring back the finished hat, we'll replace it for you at no charge. So long as you keep bringing back hats you can keep having more of the yarn. Some women are doing one a month."

Abandoning all pretense, I walked over to the two women and asked for a.) the yarn and b.) the pattern. I love the idea and I guess that they do it because the shop owner lost her mother to breast cancer. She has an arrangement with Berrocco and they send her bulk shipments of the yarn at a big discount so that she can afford to literally give it away to such a worthy cause.

The initial skein cost less that $8, a very small price to pay to provide a cancer patient with something to keep them comfortable and warm during their ordeal.

If you live in the Chicago suburbs, stop by I'd Rather Be Knitting and grab a skein of yarn and the pattern and donate your skills to this cause.

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Holly said...

Long Grove! I visited there about a year ago with a friend from Arlington Heights. Nice store and wonderful project idea! As I remember, they have a fabulous bead store, too.