September 07, 2005

Knitter's Block??

So yeah... I think I have knitter's block. I KNOW I have blogger's block. I haven't done either in a long while.

So I'm trying to find ways to help get rid of the knitter's block and I think that I'm going to steal an idea from Holly's blog and make a list. Because they're fun to change.

  • I've been pondering the 2 shawls that I own and I've decided I need another. A simple triangle one. And I found this beautiful yarn tonight at the store when I ran out (In my PJs...for plugs. Lady plugs). Yes, it's only homespun, yes, it's *gasp!* acrylic, but the color scheme is exactly what I've been wanting in a shawl. Earthy, woodsy colors. So that's one for the list.
  • I went to a knitting store today that I've never been to and I was chatting with the wonderfully sweet woman working there, discussing my knitter's block actually, and she suggested I break myself into sweaters by making a baby sweater. So I bought some yarn to make one of those, in a pretty pink. She even gave me the pattern free. Yay!
  • Also at the store today I picked up a skein of Lamb's Pride wool to make a pair of charity mittens for a local women's shelter.
  • I need to finish the corner to corner baby blanket, I've actually started the decreases so... yay!
  • I've got a super skinny scarf on the needles right now, I need to finish that up before I start the baby sweater, because I need those needles. (I will not buy more needles. I will not buy more needles. I will not buy more needles...)

So now that I've done a little brainstorming, lets recap...

  1. Skinny scarf
  2. Triangle shawl
  3. Corner to corner baby blanket
  4. Baby sweater
  5. Mittens
  6. Xmas scarves (for so many people I won't even start to list them...)
  7. Mom's sweater (Once I find a pattern I like)

Knitter's block... yeah... I think maybe I'm just lazy. Hehe.


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Holly said...

Nice list. :-) We'll see which one of us makes any progress first....or changes. Ya know, I'm good with Homespun. It has it's place. My friend Trina made me an afghan out of it and it's so soft and cuddly.