August 29, 2005

My Saturday

I've been rather absent lately, for which I apologize. But I haven't knit in nearly a week (GASP!) so I figured posting would be a little silly. But that's all over now!

Let me tell you about my Saturday. First and foremost I started my new job on Wednesday so I was still adjusting to going to bed early and waking up early. I was ok on the waking up early, but going to bed early was a problem. I was running on 5/6 hours of sleep a day and needless to say, I took advantage of Saturday and slept in.

After I showered and whatnot I was waiting for a friend to come over and I took the dogs out for a walk. That's when the aliens attacked.

It flew out of the grass and right at my head, I thought I was going to cry. I'm not a bug person and this one was nearly 6 inches long. Ick.

My pregnant friend Casey came over to have lunch. We had a blast making salad, pasta, cookies and fresh raspberry tarts.

After we ate, Casey and I settled down to watch a movie, then off to the pool to swim. But first, I had to snap a picture...

Baby belly!!!

After the swimming fun ended and the food ran out :~) Casey went home. And I thought my quiet day was over. But no, then I asked my mother if she wanted to go to Ikea. I'd seen a picture of a storage thing on another woman's blog and I just HAD to have one of my own.

How neat is that? There's 6 compartments and it's pretty strong, though I had to use a screw to get it up into the ceiling. I also got myself this...

It's a light for the shelf next to my bed, so that while I'm knitting I'm not also killing my eyes. It's this adorable tiny little thing, but you turn it on and it lights my whole damn bedroom.

But wait... that's not all. That night I was chatting with a friend on-line and watching one of the few movies that really scare me. The Grudge. I was so freaked out that I was joking with my friend how I couldn't go get food, because the monsters would eat me. I mean... imagine walking out of your bedroom and seeing this...

But hunger won out and I left the safety of my bed to pop a bag of popcorn. I went back to my room and had my back to the TV, adjusting my blankets and debating if I needed to get a soda or not. Suddenly from behind there's this burst of the freaky sound that the woman above makes before she kills. I swear she was standing right behind me.

So I, in all my brave wonder, leapt the 4 and some feet up onto my bed (I share a bunkbed with my lil sis) and dove under the covers before just bursting out laughing. It was like something you'd see on a lame sitcom, not something that really happens. It was so funny.

According to my dad, I was talking in my sleep all night. Probably bad dreams.

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