August 22, 2005

A New Look!

Yes, the site has been given the once-over and certain things have been taken away (we mourn the loss of Tigerpoo) and others have been moved and tweaked. Why, you may ask. Well because I found out that looking at my site on a different server than my own AOL, the page is really wonky looking.

So I got to work and tweaked and changed and reworked stuff. And so far as I can tell it doesn't look all crazy anymore. But if it does, please let me know.

Back to knitting news...

While watching a movie at my brother's place today I worked on a simple thin scarf that I've got going. It's nothing special, just a varegated baby weight yarn in a 2x2 rib on #6 needles. But it's nice to have something mindless to work on. It's about half the length that I want it to be right now so it'll sit in my bag until the next time I have some extra time and I need to work on something less complicated.

Mom's cardigan still hasn't been restarted. Mainly because I need to do a gauge swatch and I lost my gauge ruler thingy. And now that I'm an unemployed bum (YIPEE!) I don't have the money to go out and buy a new one.


Christopher Trottier said...

What I would give for a decent looking webpage that is under 30k.

The Knit Wit said...

You said it! Love the poetry, by the way.