November 19, 2005

Pets, Projects and Potter

First and foremost, my fishies have finally joined me in my new home. I'm so happy, I really missed the little dorks. And they all survived the move and they're doing great.

Here's their new home. Ignore the lack of organization on the book shelves. Normally they're in order by type, author, title etc. But I just threw them up real fast to get them out of the boxes.

And here they are, in all their fishy glory.

It might just be me, but personally I think that there's enough room for another friend. That might be my little trip out today. I have to get another bulb for their tank, they keep huddling together under the light that hasn't burned out.

I also just finished part of my little sister's Christmas present. She asked me for a hat and scarf set made in her favorite colors, pink and yellow. So I pulled out Stitch 'N Bitch Nation and started working on the cabled hat.

From cast on to completion the hat only took me 3 days. Probably around 6 hours work total. It's made out of Bellezza Dolcetto, a wool/cotton blend sold at Jo-Ann's Fabrics.

It's super soft and very cuddly. I have to go pick up 2 more skiens, one of each color, to make the scarf.

On to a movie review by your's truely.

The 4th Harry Potter movie was... amazing, awsome, very true to the book, great. I could go on for some time about it. I was very happy with it, completely made up for how badly the 3rd movie sucked.

Ralph Fiennes was PERFECT as the Dark Lord. He had the perfect mix of complete control and insane joy at having his body back in the graveyard scene. Voldemort is and always will be my favorite character in the books and, besides Neville, he's my favorite in the movies as well.

If you haven't already... GO SEE IT!

If you have... GO SEE IT AGAIN!

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Holly said...

No wonder you were so good at fish names!
We loved the movie, too and are considering coming in toward the city next weekend to see it at an IMAX theater. Way cool! I don't think I have a favorite character, although I've always adored Hagrid. Being one of the "darker" fans :-) what's your take on Snape, which there was no where near enough of in this movie?