November 17, 2005

What A Headache

This morning when my alarm clock went off it felt like someone was driving an ice pick through my temple.

Yup, another migraine.

It was so bad that for a few minutes all I could do was lie in bed and cry because I knew that I had to get up to shut off the alarm, then find the number for my work, call them to say I couldn't go in, then get back into bed. Doesn't sound like much but this morning it was like being handed a death sentence. It was hell.

I managed and crawled back into bed by 6:45 and slept until after 10. Normally sleep will take care of the pain, but not this time. There it was, big, ugly, horrid throbs every time I moved or blinked or breathed. So I went on to the next cure that I use.

I laid in a scalding hot bath, let the heat really seep into my head. On top of that I took some medicine.

After I got out I just laid in bed, no TV, no lights, no knitting, no anything. Just stillness and silence. And the pain eased away. Unless I moved.

It wasn't until around 3 that the pain really started to leave. I had a few hours of pain free bliss that I spent listening to a book on CD and knitting. But now I'm regretting that, because it's starting to return. Just a few faint twinges if I turn my head too far or too fast, but still, I really don't want to wake up tomorrow with another one.

Keep your fingers crossed and think pain-free thoughts for me.

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Holly said...

Karl gets migraines so I know they are no fun at all! Remember to take the drugs as soon as you can! (sorry, Mom talk.) I'm sending pain free thoughts.