January 12, 2006

More (bad) Randomness

The randomness continues… but not in a good way.

I think I like random funny things rather than what’s been going on between yesterday and today.

Random blues are not fun. Last night my mom and I went out to dinner and I started crying at the table while we were eating. This morning I started crying at my desk at work. Not good… not good at all.

Why am I crying all over the place? A mixture of reasons. I miss school and I’m starting to feel increasingly lonely. Being a “single marker” for 4 years (and starting off the New Year with a fresh rejection from a guy you like) can be a little trying on your emotions. Plus my friends are all off in school, Casey’s baby is due any moment now so she’ll be unavailable for most of the time, and I don’t think I”ve gotten a single full night’s rest this week. I blame USA and their damned nightly Law and Order episodes.

So here I am, usually perky cheerful Kelly moping around and crying at random intervals like a nutball on the wrong dosage of Prozac. This cannot be allowed to continue. So I’ve formulated a plan to stop this case of the blues before it turns into a full out depression.


1. Treat myself to unhealthy lunch. Consisting of:
~~~~~a. Taco Bell nachos
~~~~~b. KFC chicken strips
~~~~~c. KFC mashed potatoes
~~~~~d. Pepsi
2. Stop at store on way home. Purchase New York Cherry ice cream (and milk, but that’s not really a treat)
3. Change into PJs right away
4. Watch Jurassic Park, work on knitting
5. Make unhealthy dinner (Velveeta Shells and Cheese)
6. Watch Lost Word, knit some more
7. Bubble bath
8. Hire personal masseuse (male) to give me all over deep tissue massage
9. Finding winning lottery ticket

Ok, so maybe 8 and 9 aren’t going to happen, but I think that 1-7 will really help me beat the blues. And I’m starving, so I think I’m going to go start it off right away with my unhealthy lunch.

Any suggestions for other cures, I’d love to hear them.


Chris said...

I can commiserate. Over the past year or two, my friends have had babies or moved away. My knitting group disintegrated. Kinda reclusive, hanging out with the cat, my knitting, music, good books.

The bath sounds lovely! Maybe some B vitamins, too - they're good for the blues.

Any SnB groups that you can track down in your area? Can you form one?

Visiting blogs often cheers me up. :)

Krysia said...

If you start a SnB group, I'll come!

Chris said...

1)Go right now and enter the Publisher's Clearing House drawing and dream of what you coudl do with the winnings. Oh wait, my knit friend said SHE is winning the big prize this year. OK, dream small.
2)Buy yourself a totally unplanned and completely useless item you have been wanting to own.
3)Take up culinary arts in night school.
4)Rent a movie you never wanted to see and time how long you can stand to watch it.
5)Read the first paragraph of every book in your house, in alphbetical order, just to see how the story develops.
I am all out of ideas.

gigi said...

I can completely empathize with you. When I left school in May, I went through a major period of depression. Zoloft was not working for me anymore. It can be so lonely and the people I worked with weren't exactly best friends material. Force yourself to volunteer, or take classes, or to join a SNB group - so you get out there and start meeting new people. Oh, gosh, Kelly, KFC mashed potatoes are like the ulllltimate comfort food. Yum! On an unrelated note, you can expect a box from your SP7 soon. :)

gigi said...
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