August 05, 2006

Mostaccioli Pigtails!

The Faire was great today. Mom and Kari and Mom's friend L came along. We went in plain clothes (I won't be doing that again, I just felt weird without my costume) and had a great time. Both Mom and L had psychic drawings done and both women were stunned by the details that the psychic woman knew about them.

Kari, as always, just wanted to shop so we perused the stores and she ended up buying a pair of very cute turtle earrings. Apparently she has a thing for turtles. I'll have to keep that in mind for the upcoming holidays.

During the Barely Balanced Fire Show the 3 guys ask for someone to volunteer a name for their new trick. No one really was offering anything so I yelled out, you guessed it, Mostaccioli Pigtails! They cracked up and I got pulled onto the stage where I was instructed to say it again.

Let me tell you, yelling Mostaccioli Pigtails out into a huge crowd of people while you're laughing your ass off.... it's a really great time. It's the second time I've thought of something strange enough to be pulled up there, the first time was for Chicken Snot!

These are the things that you remember and smile about.

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Chris said...

And it was cooler this weekend???