August 07, 2006

I Kissed Prince Charming….

And he turned into a toad.

Sunday I headed up to the Ren Faire again. It was a little rainy and when the wind was gusting it was just a touch cool/cold. My hat, which is wool, got wet and just stank to high heaven until the sun came out and dried it. But at least now I know what the smell was that always seemed to come right after I stood under the misters to cool myself off.

Anyways I headed off to watch Barely Balanced, since it was their last weekend at the faire, and after the show I asked one of them, Brandon, if I could buy him a drink. I think he’s adorable and we were always picking on eachother when I saw him around the faire. He happily agreed and we planned to meet up after the fire show.

So after the final show we met up and headed over to one of the pubs at the faire to get a drink. I paid and he was chatting with the bar-tender, well ok he was flirting with her, I can admit that. And when he turned around he actually looked surprised to see me still standing there.

Am I just really dumb? Doesn’t “Can I buy you a drink?” imply both liquor and company?

Then he asks “So… where are you off to now? Cause I’m going over here.” Insert very long, VERY awkward pause. “You can come along if you’d like.”

Well gee, if he was going to make a compliment of it. I should have just ducked away then but instead I went along with him. I tried to make conversation, I truly did. Asked him questions about where he was going, did he have a physical house somewhere, what he did during the off season, stuff like that. I got 1 and 2 word answers. It was bad.

When we got to the place he’d been heading, a small group of musicians who got together at the end of every day to play, we sat down and his body language said it all. I had a great view of his back and his shoulders and I was sitting next to him. After a few songs I said goodbye and left. He barely glanced up at me when I said bye. What a waste of time. I could have gone and seen the Moony and Shakespeare show, or the R-rated insult show. I could have saved the $9 I spent on 2 lousy drinks. I could have bought Cameron a drink and actually talked to someone. I could have gone home a little earlier and gotten some knitting in. I could have gone back to flirt with the guy at the Iron-Man strength test and teased the competitors about getting it up. (It’s a game where you hit the thing with the mallet and try to make the bell ring.)

So yeah, that was my great romantic effort for August. The way this year is going I think I’m getting a really good rejection in for each month. 12 pathetic attempts in all! Collect the whole set!

In other upsetting news… I got to work today and the big boss informed me that they put an ad in the paper and it had the wrong number, so if people call looking for our fax # to give it to them. So I popped on-line and peeked at the ad.

“Duties would include distribution of drawings, processing of shop drawings, contacting and follow-up with subcontractors, filing, etc.”

That sounds remarkably like the jobs I do every day…


bobo said...

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have fun at the Faire, hun...

If he's dense enough to ignore you, don't even worry about's his loss...

As for the ad, I doubt they would want to replace one of their best employees... :)

Love ya, hun, TTYL!

Anna :)

Dana said...

What a toad?

So, ask big boss if they're expanding your position or something. I found out when I was on maternity that the office manager was trying to replace me. I just happened to be looking and called my boss about it. The OM just didn't like me, but the boss loved me.

Good luck.

Chris said...

Ugh!! Jerk. Part of me thinks "at least you tried" and the other part thinks "and that's why I'm happier just hanging out with my friends and my cat."

Ask your boss about the ad ASAP!!

Diane said...

Hey at least it only cost you $9 and a little wasted time to find out he was a jerk.