May 17, 2007

I Feel So Loved!!

I haven’t been feeling as ‘up’ as I usually am, between school stress and being sick for so long. But when I got home yesterday there was a little box of cheerfulness waiting for me outside the house!

MrsPao sent me a lovely little package:

Flying Saucers – Wafer type candies filled with those round sprinkles you put on cupcakes. These used to be one of my FAVORITE candies when I was a kid.

A chocolate, orange and truffle chocolate bar. Frankly it’s lucky it made it into the photo shoot.

A bag of fruit sherbets.

Two adorable beaded trinket boxes. (I love boxes. All shapes and colors and sizes.)

An adorable embroidered little sewing needle holder. Did you make her yourself?

A bracelet that is not pictured cause it was on my wrist at the time.

3 balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton/Angora that is soooooo soft.

And an awesome container of chocolates shaped like spiders, maggots and worms.

Not to mention the adorable card that came with it.

Thanks MrsPao!

The Hufflepuff sock for my swap pal is coming along nicely. I hope to have the second one cast on by Monday.

I spent a good amount of my knitting time over the past two weeks working on a corner to corner baby blanket for a woman at my Dad’s work who is due any day now. The shower was this past Monday and I just finished in time. Here’s the blanket in all of it’s gender neutral yellow glory:

As I worked mainly on it during intermission at hockey games, it seemed only fitting that Skates model it. Here’s hoping the baby who will be using it is cuter and a bit less hairy.

Everyone seemed to dismayed by my utter lack of shoes. It’s true though, I only own 3 pairs…
I need new Work shoes. They’re getting kinda ratty.


Tracey said...

Hee hee. I like your sandals. And your package...Whoa! How cool is that!
Oh by the way, before I send out your good you like coffee or tea or cocoa?h

Chris said...

Aw, that MrsPao does good pick-me-up packages, doesn't she?! :) Cute blanket - I sure do hope the baby is less hairy... :)

That's just WRONG about the shoes. JUST WRONG.

knittingnurse said...

I am going to be forwarding you my medical bill for the concussion I get when I FELL OVER at the thought of anyone (woman) owning just 3 pairs of shoes.

My husband would love you if I let him meet you.

Anonymous said...

Your black shoes look nice & polished. Well done.

mrspao said...

Glad you liked everything :) It was fun picking it all out!

Even pao has more pairs of shoes than you do!!

uberstrickenfrau said...

forget those brats in Dulaan, we are gonna get a blog drive goin for you to get you some shoes!!!!
Oh, I'm just teasing!