May 04, 2007

Temporary Insanity

So my co-worker, the one who splits the Admin. Asst. jobs with me is on vacation. So they called in a Temp.

She’s driving me NUTS.

She walked in, saw me (I sit up at the front desk) and immediately protested “I thought I was going to be doing reception.”

I explained that I needed her to answer the phones so that I could keep on top of 2 people’s paperwork. She informed me that she’d rather type stuff. Not meaning to be rude or anything, but I don’t give a damn what she’d rather do.

Our reception desk has 2 computers. One on the left side, one on the right. I sit on the one of the left. It has my stuff, my drawings from Kari and my silly Frankenstein’s Monster, Bat and Mummy finger puppets taped to the monitor, my bamboo, my little cactus and my plant that Mom and Dad sent me on my birthday. Oh yeah, and my work stuff.

Every time I get up and leave my desk she goes and sits there. Whole other computer and chair empty, waiting for her, and she insists on sitting in mine. I keep having to tell her to move and once she actually looked at me, then over at the other desk as if she was going to tell me to go sit there. If she had… hoo boy it would have been bad.

Today, when answering the phone, she kept telling the person “I don’t know Sir. I don’t know. Well hold on, let me pull out my crystal ball, ok?” RUDE!!

She’s hung up on like, 12 people so far because she’s failed to grasp the idea of a HOLD button, but when I try to explain things she gets snotty and tells me that she knows, that the phone is just screwed up, that the one at my desk (which is identical) is better.

She doesn’t want to do anything except sit on-line and check her stocks and, worst of all….

I told her I knit and she responded


If I disappear between now and Wednesday when my co-worker comes back just check Court TV. I’ll be the newly arrested felon who attacked a woman with knitting needles. I promise I’ll wave to you.


Lynn said...

Ok I feel a knit voodoo doll coming on. Seriously, bring to work and tell her what it is if she asks. Oh and also print out a name plate for YOUR desk. Hehehe.

I feel your pain!

Toni said...

There's a reason that people like this are stuck moving from job to job every few days/weeks. *They can't get a real job!!* For obvious reasons!

Hope it's over soon!

Susan said...

Clearly the temp is a primitive screw head. That's why she's a temp!

Hang in there!

Miss Megs said...

I've been a lurker here for a bit..and enjoy the blog. As a knitter AND a temp, I felt compelled to leave a comment! That woman gives temps a bad name! I am ashamed for her! I work as a temp while I finish grad. school and I always do my best to do a good job when I'm working. I feel bad just sitting there! This woman should be forced to clean the toilets while she's working or something equally awful...I also second the idea of a knit voodoo doll!

Marigold said...

Ack! waste of time?? so, what does she do at the movies? or when she's sitting in front of the TV? If you need to hide a body, I know where a couple good wheat fields are. They'll never find her... ;)

Chris said...

Deep breaths. You can survive. Think how amusing it will be to blog about it, right? Because it IS funny, in a twisted way!

Kelly said...

ahhhh that would drive me over the edge! Just take her out and be done with it, you'll have a much better week I assure you!

Shannon said...

I third the idea of a voodoo doll!

Diane said...

Practice this: No officer I have no idea how that knitting needles ended up through that poor woman's head. Yes I understand that it's hard to believe that it actually went in one ear and out the other by itself. Perhaps it happened when she was getting out of my chair for the one hundred eleventh million time. She probably knocked my knitting off the desk, became tangled in the yarn and fell. Just bad luck. Well of course the needle has my finger prints on it. Heck I am a knitter.

Samantha said...

Oh no - my knitter's hackles are rising. What an annoying woman!