August 21, 2007

The Loan

This morning I was having fantastic panic attacks re: THE LOAN. The one that disappeared. You might be thinking "But Kelly, surely the first thing you did on Monday morning was to go to the financial aid office and get things all settled, right?"

Not so much. Monday the line for FinAid was out the door, down the stairs, up the block and across the muddy Mississippi. And I needed to figure out where in the heck my classes were, so there wasn't much time to stand in an endless line.

When my class ended today I headed over and got in a much shorter line. Only had to wait for about 30 minutes before it was my turn.

I was certain that this was going to be IT. That thing that ruins school for me. The thing that sends me home in tears, defeated and uneducated for the rest of my life.

I presented my question and was rewarded with a glazed blank stare by the woman. She had NO idea what was going on or what I was talking about. So she found a superior, who sent her to someone else.

Long (very long) story short, I was the lucky person whose account had a glitch in it. Had I not gone in to ask I never would have received my money. But the important thing is that I WILL receive my money. It'll be in my account by next week and a check will be cut by Sept. 7th.

I don't have to leave school, defeated and uneducated.

Crap... does that mean I still have to do my homework?


mrspao said...

Hoooray!!!! Love the new banner :)

Traceyleezle said...

Yay! Ha ha ha! You have homework! Isn't it great? Isn't technology wonderful?

Lynn said...


Lovin the banner. What classes are you taking? Sit next to any cute boys? Whadya have for lunch?

Figure since your mom's not there, someone has to ask all these lovely questions.

Oh and is your homework done missy?

Chris said...


pao said...

Yay for loan being sorted out.

So what classes are you doing?

Anonymous said...

For someone who was dying (and thankful) to get into're sure complaining alot about it.

knittingnurse said...

Uh, anonymous comment above me,um yeah, ignore that. UGH. (can't even have the decency to use their name - UGH!)

Anywho. . . . .YEAH. I just knew it was some sort of silly computer glitchy thing (that really happens quite a bit unfortunately).

So, banner is fab, fab, fab. Yeah!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

So, you finally got to put that banner up, huh?

You finally got to become the College Knit Wit, huh? ;)

Forgive the crude phrasing, but, ahem...



Glad everything's falling into place re: the loan, hun, and as for the roommates, well maybe your DVD collection will rub off on them...


LYL, hun,

Anna :)

P.S. Seriously, The Hills? I'd have some issues with that taste in TV, too...

Diane said...

Yes you do have to do your homework. Now go put on those headphones to try to block out the TV. Ly will be watching the Rock of Love marathon on VH1.