January 25, 2008

Damn Those Weeks Pass Quickly!

I can hardly believe that it's Friday again.

The Beethoven concert was amazing. It was such an intimate setting and we were in the 3rd row, so all I could do the whole time was gape at the violinist's bow as it moved.

I also dropped a class this week. I did some serious thinking and admitted my own limits and withdrew from my Literary Theory course. Perhaps if it had been a different teacher I'd have battled it out, but this guy seemed nuts! He read to us a whole bunch of student reviews saying that they'd never been so glad to pass a class with a C-, that they'd never had to work so hard for a C- in their life. He told us that in a class of 20 people, 6 were going to get Ds. That's just how it had to be. I'm not fond of teachers who have grading quotas, so I dropped the class and I'll take it over the summer with someone else.

In happier news, this weekend D is going to learn to knit. He asked me to teach him last semester and I agreed, but honestly I thought he was just, you know, fibbing to seem more interested in my hobbies. Well I was wrong. He keeps pestering me to teach him, as he's started promising knitted gifts to friends.

I'm especially excited, not only because I appear to have found the perfect man, but also because he's going to teach me the piano in return. This makes me very happy as I've always wanted to learn to play.

Other parts of this weekend will be spent in intense work on a paper due Thursday and the accompanying presentation to go with it. That I have to then present. To the whole class. Eek!!

I miss spring.


Chris said...

Bummer about the class - but teachers make SUCH a difference, and that one doesn't sound good at all.

Cool about D learning to knit and teaching you piano!

Oh yeah, I'm waiting for green growing things...

Lynn said...

Keep that man! :)

Glad you made the choice about the class. You'll be able to be less stressed for your other classes.

mrspao said...

I think you were very very wise to drop that class. It sounds like you have quite a full enough schedule already!

It is great to hear that D is interested in knitting - what an awesome guy! :)

I bought some spring flowers today - they always make me feel cheery.

Batty said...

D sounds like a keeper! He's learning to knit, you're learning the piano, you're going to have so much fun -- not to mention so much in common. But do make sure he gets his own stash. I'd love it if my husband were a knitter, but I think we'd have to come up with definite yarn boundaries.

One of the most important skills I learned in college was figuring out when to drop a class. It's a combination of self-knowledge and sixth sense. I kept a psych class when I got a C on the first paper and managed to work my way up to an A. But I dropped another psych class where I got a C and an anthropology class where I got a C+... and you know what? The people who stayed ended up wishing they'd dropped.

So... the moral of the story is: Don't drop a class just because it's hard. Those are some of the best classes out there. But if you get a really bad vibe in addition to a really bad grade and you can't see how things are going to get better... run, don't walk.

Traceyleezle said...

That's a great swap. I can't believe he's serious about knitting, super cool. Clone him, just don't share your stash.